Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Kitty?

Have you met the stray neighborhood cat? I've yet to give him/her a name of sorts, I'd love to hear any suggestions out there. Who knows what his real name is, or if he/she ever had one. Over the last couple days, I've noticed he has some interesting habits I guess you could call them, or eccentricities may be a better word.

As you may have noted on the left, he/she like most cats likes taking a nap under your car. But, the one thing that caught my eye is that he/she stalks things. Well, actually he/she stalks things that are not there. Yes, you will notice him/her going all crouching tiger on what I can only assume is a ghost mouse. I'm undecided whether he/she is doing the old "I'm not interested in you so I'll pretend I'm doing something more important even though I am actually interested in you" trick, or is simply mad as a hatter.

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