Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Day Of Oddities

I am going to tell you about my day and you will enjoy the boringness of it even if it kills you!

Started off with a coffee, as you do. Then straight off to the job interview. Strangely I actually got the job (better hours, better pay, more interesting job)! I know, fat chance you say. It's not something I've become accustomed to yet, but I'm sure ill get used to actually getting hire. So I was on a little high about that, I planned to take a photo of the interviewers during the thing but thought better of it.... Just imagine that... "Hold on, could I take a photo of you two for my new blog?"

That high lasted all of 5 minutes. Surprise, my broadband and phone-line had been disconnected, because as usual I failed to pay my account on time. But paid that, and all was better. Or so I thought. I was then informed the date I was moving out of my last place had been written wrong, and I was going to pay an extra weeks rent for a place I was no longer living in. That was eventually sorted too, so no big drama in the end.

To cap off the day, cricket practice was rained out, but I find I am playing in a higher grade after my (not) monumental one match comeback in which I did f-all.

An all over the place day by my standards.

On a lighter note, behold today's feature shopping items:

Overpriced Shaving Blades (so you don't go all werewolf)

 An Underpriced Pen (because you lost your last one)

 Juice (because you are thristy, and have an unnatural fear of scurvy)

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