Sunday, February 14, 2010

Butterfly Battle!

What do you do a sunny Sunday afternoon. Have an Origami Butterfly-off of all things!

Sure, neither of us have done anything remotely like this, and I have no idea why I accepted the challenge, but it was a good laugh in the end.

The evil ones creation:

My more awesome creation:

Anything to put off doing actually constructive things like unpacking, but got that done as well so no harm done. And yes, I admit mine is more rubbish-er, looks more like a moth, although even that's a stretch. Perhaps an 80's futuristic fighter jet if anything.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Day Of Oddities

I am going to tell you about my day and you will enjoy the boringness of it even if it kills you!

Started off with a coffee, as you do. Then straight off to the job interview. Strangely I actually got the job (better hours, better pay, more interesting job)! I know, fat chance you say. It's not something I've become accustomed to yet, but I'm sure ill get used to actually getting hire. So I was on a little high about that, I planned to take a photo of the interviewers during the thing but thought better of it.... Just imagine that... "Hold on, could I take a photo of you two for my new blog?"

That high lasted all of 5 minutes. Surprise, my broadband and phone-line had been disconnected, because as usual I failed to pay my account on time. But paid that, and all was better. Or so I thought. I was then informed the date I was moving out of my last place had been written wrong, and I was going to pay an extra weeks rent for a place I was no longer living in. That was eventually sorted too, so no big drama in the end.

To cap off the day, cricket practice was rained out, but I find I am playing in a higher grade after my (not) monumental one match comeback in which I did f-all.

An all over the place day by my standards.

On a lighter note, behold today's feature shopping items:

Overpriced Shaving Blades (so you don't go all werewolf)

 An Underpriced Pen (because you lost your last one)

 Juice (because you are thristy, and have an unnatural fear of scurvy)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Kitty?

Have you met the stray neighborhood cat? I've yet to give him/her a name of sorts, I'd love to hear any suggestions out there. Who knows what his real name is, or if he/she ever had one. Over the last couple days, I've noticed he has some interesting habits I guess you could call them, or eccentricities may be a better word.

As you may have noted on the left, he/she like most cats likes taking a nap under your car. But, the one thing that caught my eye is that he/she stalks things. Well, actually he/she stalks things that are not there. Yes, you will notice him/her going all crouching tiger on what I can only assume is a ghost mouse. I'm undecided whether he/she is doing the old "I'm not interested in you so I'll pretend I'm doing something more important even though I am actually interested in you" trick, or is simply mad as a hatter.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Doves And Pikelets!

I found some photos of a day we went to admire some ducks.

We were at the Napier Botanical Gardens, admiring the ducks, when a dove flew down from the treetops. I though that was pretty cool among other things. Seconds later, we were swarmed by them! Thus a perfect chance to whip out the phone an snap some pictures of course.
 I even got a duck in some photos :-).

Fed them some cinnamon pikelet's (Small pancakes). And for the record, they seemed to make the doves go a little... you no what... gaga over each-other. So we were outta there fast, watching Doves mate was not on the agenda for the day.

Tame Tigers Terrified

Fondly know as the Tigers, the Bangladesh cricket team are proving to be anything but (Unless you think about tiger trying to play cricket which would be a farce but lets not go down that...). In a tour with, lets be honest, very low expectations, the predictions have been spot on. 3 resounding victories, and they would have been even more-so had the NZ team been more clinical. There was promise shown in today's 2nd ODI, Mushfiqur Rahim their shining light the bat, and Shafiul Islam with the ball. But when you are 6/46, you will always be on the back foot. They will need more like that, and to perform well as a team. The voice in my head says "no chance".

It's a shame, but I am just waiting for Australia to arrive (and in all likely hood they will probably trash us instead). This is a disappointment for all involved surely. The parity among international teams is still not there one must feel, but only time will tell if Bangladesh deliver on the promise they have shown. A little more confidence on their part would go a long way, perhaps even go the way of the Aussies and be arrogant. The NZ player appear to be adopting that approach, and while some of them look like real asses at times, they are playing better, and who can argue with results like that.

Ross Taylor was named Man of The Match for his 78 runs off 52 balls.

Our Muppet Of The Day is Mohammad Ashraful, for his 1 run off 18 balls, then getting out caught and bowled.

Now I try to find a way to follow the Alinghi v Oracle race in aroun 90 minutes. As controversial as it is, and as much as I despise them both, it's some amazing engineering, and I'm sure one of them will break in half.